Rutgers priority LB target Brian Ugwu fills in the blanks during Monday’s visit to the banks

Monday, Brian Ugwu, New Jersey’s top linebacker in the 2019 class, visited Rutgers with a collegiate decision likely to come in August. The 6-3, 228-pound Hillside (N.J.) three-star holds Rutgers in high regard, and has┬ávarious Rutgers ties, including his sister whom currently attends the school.

I’m taking my time with the whole process, he said. The earliest I see myself making a decision is late August-early September, but it could be later.

Currently, five schools, including Rutgers, stand out.

Outside of Rutgers, schools that are showing the most interest are Temple, Pitt, Minnesota and Virginia, he said.

The head coach of the team is expected to be announced later this week.

Hunter’s early career would suggest that he’s going to start for another decade in the league, racking up Pro Bowls and All-Pro honors on the way. A contract-year player, if he hits the open market as a 24-year-old with north of 30 sacks in 2019, he could sign a deal worth around $50 million.

This makes him not only one of the more valuable Vikings but also one of the most valuable pass-rushers the sport has to offer. His teammates on the loaded Minnesota defense often overshadowed him, but as an individual he can change the makeup of a team.

Out of players picked in the 2016 and 2017 NFL drafts, only guard Joe Thuney has really developed as a full-time starter for the New England Patriots. If the team is going to be infused with young talent, it’s likely going to have to come from the 2018 class.

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