Browns were leaning Bradley Chubb, decided to go with Denzel Ward instead

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If the draft had been held this morning, Bradley Chubb possibly would be a Brown right now.
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Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Browns were leaning heavily toward Chubb on Thursday morning. As the day unfolded, however, they ended up changing their minds and leaning toward Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward.

The game’s ABC telecast had Howard Cosell and Tom Seaver in the booth. In the top of the eighth 鈥?and thanks to reader Jeff Lake of Binghamton for the heads-up 鈥?Cosell noted that Yankees starter Mike Torrez’s last pitch was clocked at 95 mph, thus he’s not likely tired.

Seaver: He has still only thrown about 92, 93 pitches. He had 86 at the start of this inning. So there’s no reason, really, to be tired.

The Yanks won, 8-4. Torres went the full nine, allowing nine hits and two walks. Length of game: 2:18.

Toward that end, the Lions could use running backs. But they have plenty of time to find one in later rounds of the draft.

New England supporters will take issue with this low ranking, but Bill Belichick’s recent drafts have been awful. It is a testament to Tom Brady’s talent and Belichick’s roster ingenuity and coaching that the Patriots have been able to maintain their winning ways with drafting like this.

John Elway aced the draft early in his career as a Broncos executive, but he has so many swings and misses since then. Taking Paxton Lynch in the first round in 2016 looks Laremy Tunsil Jersey like the latest, and it caused them to sign Case Keenum in free agency.

Brandon Beane is in his second year of trying to fix the Bills. His predecessors left him with plenty of problems. Taking Manuel in 2013 and trading up for Sammy Watkins in 2014 are at the top of the list.
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