Tom Landry made decision for Cowboys to pass on Joe Montana in 1979

The Cowboys weren’t the only team to pass on Joe Montana in 1979. He was, after all, the 82nd overall pick that year.

But according to the system devised by Tex Schramm, Tom Landry and Gil Brandt, the Cowboys took the best player on their draft board regardless of position. With 76th overall pick that year, the Cowboys had Montana at the top of their draft board.

They also had Roger Staubach, Danny White and Glenn Carano already on their roster at the position.

Greg Aiello, who retired from the NFL last month after serving as the league’s senior vice president in charge of communications, was in his first month working for the Cowboys when Dallas passed on Montana.

He was a highly rated talented, a second-round pick, so in Tom Landry’s mind, we had three guys better than this guy ranked in the third round, Joe Montana. So [the Cowboys] took a pass and violated our own system and took the next guy on the board, who happened to be Doug Cosbie, who it would turn out was a very good pick. He was an outstanding tight end.

Ironically, in the famous ‘Catch’ game, Doug Cosbie caught a 21-yard touchdown pass from Danny White in the fourth quarter to put us up 27-21, and it looked like we were about to win that game. Unfortunately, we know what happened. Two teams and two quarterbacks went in different directions as a result of that game.”

Landry made the Hall of Fame as one of the greatest coaches in NFL history, but his decision that day proves even the best get it wrong every now and again. It also again shows just how hard it is to evaluate quarterbacks, something that hasn’t gotten easier over the years.

Jackson had a private workout for the Texans before his Pro Day workout, and he met with the Chargers after his throwing session. He didn’t disclose the other teams he’ll be meeting with.

Still, the reference to “all 32 teams” attending his workout likely was intended to indicate that all teams have interest in Jackson. With no agent to say those things on his behalf, Jackson is the one who has to do it.

The announcement from Jackson comes on the heels of a claim from Mike Mayock of NFL Network that teams have had a hard time scheduling visits and workouts with Jackson.

While it’s good that Jackson is taking the initiative to promote himself, he’d still benefit from having a skilled third party to affirmatively tout his skills — and to defend him against the negative things that agents representing other draft-eligible players surely are saying to scouts, coaches, and/or the media.la_kings_012

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