Brett Favre wants his grandkids in ‘safer’ sport than football

Brett Favre has taken his fair share of hits over his Hall of Fame career resulting in multiple concussions, torn biceps and a broken thumb — injuries he doesn’t wish on anyone, especially his grandchildren.

Favre, 48, told the CBS Sports Pick Six Podcast on Tuesday he hopes his grandsons chose safer sports than football if they try out for athletics.

Tomlin’s dubious decisions continued to include failing to overrule two terrible calls on essential fourth-and-inches situations. He then chose to follow his gut which told him his defense had been terrible and the 1-in-10 chance of recovering an onside kick was greater than getting a three-and-out and wound up handing Jacksonville a clinching field goal.

“I was like, Hey, I didn’t play really good in this playoff, but that was everything I had,” recalls Altuve, who had hit .154.

Says Hinch, “I felt it was my job to tell him he was the reason we were there. There was great pride in him. It was the first time he experienced winning in the big leagues. I knew how much it meant to him.

“At that moment, I felt like I had the perfect player on my team: Someone who deflects the praise but accepts the blame. I didn’t want him to carry the burden. [This fall], as we got ready to play Boston, I wondered if he would carry 2015 into the postseason.”

The answer? Altuve hit three home runs in Game 1.

So clutch was Altuve in the playoffs that when asked about his biggest hit he started down a cascade of memories, beginning with the three-run homer he hit off Kenta Maeda to tie World Series Game 5.

This might be the best game of the weekend and is also a rematch of sorts from a regular-season game. The Saints were dealt a 29-19 defeat in their last trip to U.S. Bank Stadium, but that was in Week 1 when the Saints still had Adrian Peterson. The Vikings also look different after quarterback Sam Bradford and rookie running back Dalvin Cook were lost for the season with knee injuries.

For the record, Kaelin Clay dropped the first-quarter touchdown. Devin Funchess lost track of the throw in the final minute, or something. The Panthers offensive line became turnstiles at the wrong times. McCaffrey scored the touchdown that got the Panthers back into the game, but he also got manhandled on the block that led to the intentional grounding call.

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