Falcons vs. Rams: Score, results, highlights from wild-card game in LA

When Rams quarterback Jared Goff took the field against the Falcons on Saturday night in the wild-card round, he was one of four NFL quarterbacks making postseason debuts this year. But the inexperience for Goff and the Los Angeles offense contributed to its 26-13 defeat at the hand of Atlanta.

The bombshell nature of the piece is evident in that reports that it would be published, and what its substance might be (some described it as a hit job), surfaced late Thursday, ahead of when the article went live.

He is one of four rookies in NFL history to have at least five rushing and five receiving TDs, joining three Pro Football Hall of Famers Doak Walker (1950), Charley Taylor (1964) and Gale Sayers (1964).

But Durant was only one of many compelling actors in the NBA’s theatre this year. In hindsight, 2017 had just about everything a basketball fan could want, minus a competitive postseason. To compensate for all those blowouts and sweeps in late April and May, the NBA captivated audiences with shocking statistical achievements, a slew of blockbuster trades, near-daily doses of trash talk on social media, and pointed activism.

With that in mind, here’s a chronological rundown of the NBA’s top 10 defining moments of 2017, a list that aims to capture the bigger themes driving the league’s present, its future and its widening reach.

Two seasons ago, Rothman offered the job to McDonough when longtime host Mike Tirico left the network for NBC Sports. Rothman delivered a message from Gruden when he met with McDonough at his Scottsdale, Ariz. home to discuss the job. He said he had three questions from Jon, McDonough recalls, Are you willing to work? Do you love football? Do you want to be great?

And I think that kind of characterizes him. I think the things that he became legendary for, and I learned it to be true, is the work ethic. I’d get texts from him about some game on our schedule and I’m like, Oh my goodness… We’re not on the air for three months, coach.

5. The showcase is also a great chance for the basketball industry to network and schmooze, even more so than summer league in Las Vegas. It’s also a big opportunity for international teams to scout a lot of talent at once. Everyone’s more relaxed because there aren’t many GMs here, one team exec explained on the event’s first day.

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