Cowboys’ Jason Witten calls team meeting before Thanksgiving game vs. Chargers

The Cowboys, losers of two in a row, need to right the ship Thanksgiving Day against the Chargers if they want to keep their playoff aspirations a reality. And no Cowboy understands that better than 15-year veteran Jason Witten.

2018 was supposed to be a strong year for QB prospects to jump to the pros, but lackluster seasons from Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Josh Allen have tampered expectations. Of course, 2017 was supposed to be a weak QB draft and three — Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes II, and Deshaun Watson — all went off the board before the 13th pick. Drafting an inexpensive franchise passer is the easiest way to build a contender and has thus raised the stakes for getting even flawed college prospects at the draft.

That’s bad news for these two teams, which currently project to the No. 4 (Denver) and No. 9 (Miami) picks. The Broncos won’t have a shot at the top quarterback in the draft with needy teams like the Browns and Giants ahead of them (so far). The Dolphins will be in even more trouble.

But the Knicks allowed the Hawks to make it interesting.

Jack was able to hit only one of two free throws, making it 109-106 with seven seconds left. Isaiah Taylor brought up the ball up the court and lost control of it near halfcourt before Kent Bazemore recovered. Bazemore was fouled with three seconds to go. After making the first free throw, he purposely missed the second one, but Porzingis sealed it with two free throws of his own.

“We made that game a lot more interesting down the stretch than we should have,” Jack said. “You know, we should have been able to close that thing out with two minutes to go and kind of been able to walk out of there kind of comfortable, feeling good and ready to move on to the next one.”mariners_760

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