The offense remains inconsistent.

He gushes even more about one of his new favorite players, Aaron Judge, even though Judge is a Yankee. “He’s like this huge teddy bear, and he’s just trying to get better at things,” Ortiz says of the rookie behemoth. “I love that type of human being. This planet, this world, needs more people with a good heart. Right now, you see a lot of people walking around angry.

In Ortiz’s world, talent is talent, but it’s heart that matters.

Luke Keuchly’s return from a season-ending concussion in 2016 and the offseason signing of Julius Peppers (7.5 sacks) have helped Carolina field a dominant defense once again.

While quarterback Cam Newton receives the brunt of the criticism when things go wrong, Carolina’s offensive line remains a weakness.

The offense will get a boost from the imminent return of tight end Greg Olsen (foot), but the Panthers need to get their running game going to make a legitimate push toward getting back into the Super Bowl mix.

The Patriots probably weren’t offered a juicy first-round pick this offseason, and while they waited to see if any competitor got desperate and made them a Sam Bradford-sized offer, the trade never came.

In the end, the Patriots waited until just about the last second and took the best available offer on the table. If you treat the offers that might have been available six months ago as sunk costs and evaluate what the Patriots could have done with Garoppolo from this point forward, this is a reasonable return. The best-case scenario would have seen the Patriots come away with a compensatory pick at the bottom of the third round of the 2019 draft, somewhere between picks 97 and 100, and that would come only if New England didn’t make another foray into high-level free agency this offseason.

The Titans haven’t fulfilled the hype surrounding the franchise after another offseason of major personnel acquisitions. No other division leader has a negative point differential (-15).

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